Editorial: Moving Forward—Life after trafficking


  • Denise Brennan
  • Sine Plambech




Spectacular stories of life in trafficking saturate the media, politicians’ speeches, and non-governmental organisations’ fundraising campaigns. With so much focus on stories of brutality, or of dramatic escapes and rescues, there has been little attention to what happens after trafficking. This special issue of the Anti-Trafficking Review shines a light on trafficking outcomes—both for those who have been labelled by state actors or the NGO sector as trafficked, as well as those whose exploitation garnered no legal protections or service provision. The volume puts centre stage the challenges and successes after trafficking that largely have unfolded off stage. It points to contradictions, slippages, missed opportunities, and failings.


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Author Biographies

Denise Brennan

Denise Brennan is Professor in the Department of Anthropology, and Faculty Co-Director of the Gender+ Justice Initiative at Georgetown University. Her scholarship has focused on migration, trafficking, and sex work. She is the author of Life Interrupted: Trafficking into forced labor in the United States and What’s Love Got to Do with It? Transnational desires and sex tourism in the Dominican Republic. She is currently writing Undocumented: Criminalizing everyday life in the United States. She is an Advisor to the Best Practices Policy Project, and has been a board member of Different Avenues, and HIPS—organisations that work to protect the rights of people who engage in the sex sector. She also founded the Trafficking Survivor Leadership Training Fund to provide support for trafficking survivor-advocates in the United States.

Sine Plambech

Sine Plambech is Senior Researcher and anthropologist (PhD) in the Department of Global Transformations in Migration, Aid and Finance at the Danish Institute for International Studies. She is also Visiting Professor in the Department of Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies at Barnard, Columbia University (2017-2018). Her work has focused on migration, deportation, trafficking and sex work in Nigeria, Thailand, Italy, and Denmark. She has published in journals such as Social Politics, Journal of Ethnic & Migration Studies and Feminist Economics. She is an advisor to the European Commission (EASO) and on the Advisory board for the Danish NGO the Street Lawyers, providing legal assistance to migrant sex workers.  She is the director of several award-winning films on issues of migration, sex work and trafficking and is a frequent writer in international media on these issues. She is leading the project ‘Women, Sex and Migration – Seeing sex work migration and human trafficking from the Global South’.




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Brennan, D., & Plambech, S. (2018). Editorial: Moving Forward—Life after trafficking. Anti-Trafficking Review, (10). https://doi.org/10.14197/atr.201218101