Life after Trafficking in Azerbaijan: Reintegration experiences of survivors


  • Lauren A. McCarthy



trafficking assistance, reunification, rehabilitation, reintegration, Azerbaijan


Assisting survivors of trafficking is considered one of the pillars of a human rights-based response Shelter, medical, psychological and legal assistance in the short term and job placement, accommodation and reunification with family and community in the long term are critical steps for helping them recover and feel in control of their lives and futures. This paper examines survivors’ experiences of trafficking and recovery in the Azerbaijani context, using questionnaire responses from 22 women who were trafficked for sexual exploitation between 2006 and 2009 and who were assisted upon their return. It finds that while Azerbaijan has been quite successful at short-term assistance, there are still significant gaps in longer-term assistance, especially with regard to job placement and family reunification. Survivors point to these gaps as significant impediments to full reintegration into society. Looking at their experiences can provide insights into improvements in assistance programmes that can be implemented in both Azerbaijan and elsewhere.


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Author Biography

Lauren A. McCarthy

Lauren A. McCarthy is Associate Professor of Political Science and Legal Studies at University of Massachusetts Amherst. Her research focuses on human trafficking and policing in Russia and the former Soviet Union. McCarthy is the author of Trafficking Justice: How Russian police enforce new laws, from crime to courtroom (Cornell, 2015) and numerous other publications on human trafficking.




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McCarthy, L. A. (2018). Life after Trafficking in Azerbaijan: Reintegration experiences of survivors. Anti-Trafficking Review, (10).