Trafficked Women in Denmark—Falling through the cracks


  • Kira West



The policy framework for combating human trafficking and protecting victims in Denmark does not match the reality faced by the majority of the migrant women arriving in the country. Especially in relation to women from African countries, the national legislation and regulations can be a source of frustration for agencies such as Reden International, which helps foreign women working in prostitution in Denmark, particularly victims of trafficking.


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Author Biography

Kira West

Kira West is Principal of Reden International (RI)—one of the main independent private institutions in Denmark supporting women who are victims of human trafficking. RI provides support for foreign women in prostitution, offering guidance, healthcare, legal consultancy, and social care. RI runs a counselling centre for foreign women, the Night Café, does outreach work in and outside Copenhagen, and runs a safe house for foreign women who are victims of trafficking.




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West, K. (2018). Trafficked Women in Denmark—Falling through the cracks. Anti-Trafficking Review, (10).