Life after Trafficking: A gap in the UK’s modern slavery efforts


  • Kate Roberts



The Modern Slavery Act (2015) was a symbol of the UK’s commitment to combatting exploitation and human trafficking. Yet the Act offers little help to people who have been trafficked to, or in, the UK to recover and build a new life.


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Author Biography

Kate Roberts

Kate Roberts is Head of Office of the Human Trafficking Foundation. She has over 10 years’ experience in anti-trafficking work, including with direct assistance and case work, as well as policy development. Kate has in-depth knowledge of the UK’s anti-trafficking and anti-slavery measures, having been a first responder to the UK’s National Referral Mechanism from 2009 to 2016, and has used this experience to influence anti-trafficking policy and to develop campaigns. She has given evidence at several parliamentary inquiries, including at all stages of the Modern Slavery Bill. Kate holds a BA in Social Anthropology with Development Studies from Sussex University, as well as an LLM in Human Rights from Birkbeck University, School of Law.




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Roberts, K. (2018). Life after Trafficking: A gap in the UK’s modern slavery efforts. Anti-Trafficking Review, (10).